Welcome to the 5 Brothers Group

The 5 Brothers Group is a wholly owned Emirati company based in Abu Dhabi and operated by the Al Hemeiry brothers. The Group is dynamic and determined, rapidly expanding consortium of businesses with local and international investors.
Our roots lie in Engineering Consultancy and Real-estate development, and just as Abu Dhabi has rapidly expanded, we have also expanded our offerings to meet this growing demand.
The 5 Brothers Group now operates five companies, having broadened its offerings into; Architectural Engineering Consultancy, Real Estate Investments, Marketing Consultancy, Finance Guidance, Restaurants, and Automotive Polishing and Cleaning Services.
With our local knowledge, expertise, commitment to integrity and quality, we are the preferred partner for future business ventures in Abu Dhabi, and are always interested to meet reputable partners with new ventures.

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Latest News!

Combating Covid-19: UAE suspends all night permits

31 / Mar / 2020

The nation-wide disinfection programme is carried out from 8pm to 6am and will be on till April 5.

Rent, fine waivers in Sharjah's 47-point stimulus package

31 / Mar / 2020

The government's 47- point stimulus package benefits businesses and individuals over the next three months