Board Members

Engineer Saeed Al-Hameiry

Founder and the driving force behind the 5 Brothers Group, Saeed Al-Hameeri completed his Degree in Computer Engineering in the United States and holds Masters in Business Administration. Since then, under his leadership, vision and entrepreneurship, the Group has risen rapidly. As Chairman, Saeed oversees all aspects of the business and future developments.

Engineer Waleed Al-Hameiry

A graduate in Electronic Engineering, Waleed is the second in command of the 5 Brothers Group and CEO of the group. Waleed supports the Chairman in the execution of the vision and objectives and is a strong supporter of the total quality management philosophy in the group, he is consider as initiator of Wetless for cleaning & car polishing.

Dr Hamdan Al-Hameiry

As a medical doctor, Dr Hamdan graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. As the third brother, he brings another dimension to the group and will initiate medical service developments for the 5 Brothers Group soon.

Ali Al-Hameiry

Dedicated, passionate, energetic and detail orientated, Ali, under the guidance of the Chairman, has successfully established the first Restaurant and Catering business in Muscat, Oman, “Fatayer Al Omdah” which has the reputation of being the best in product and hospitality in its field.

Ahmed Al-Hameiry

The youngest of the 5 Brothers, talented and upcoming, Ahmed graduated with a Bachelor of Finance. In conjunction with the Chairman, Ahmed overseas the financial aspects of the group and plan accordingly with the board.